How does PiE work?

Salary and allowance data is submitted for your teaching and support staff using our easy-to-use online dashboard. The PiE team work with you to check and validate the data and once validated, access to the powerful PiE reporting tool is provided which enables you to compare anonymised salary, bonus and TLR data. Depending on your subscription level, you will have access to a range of data filters. These include pupil numbers, school type, phase and region, allowing you to accurately compare salaries and allowances in your school or trust with similar comparable organisations.

Accurate job matching

  • Accuracy underpins the entire salary benchmarking process and is critical to the validity of the data. If jobs aren't properly matched, the resulting data is inaccurate making comparisons invalid.
  • The PiE team have developed an easy to use, effective framework which enables you to accurately match all the jobs in your school or trust into job families and job levels. 
  • A Job Family is a group of jobs with similar characteristics, undertaking similar work.  
  • Within each Job Family there are several Job Levels which reflect different levels of responsibility, accountability, scope of influence and skillset.
  • The combination of the Job Family and the Job Level determines which Job Code a job is allocated to within the framework. 
  • We work closely with you to ensure all your jobs are accurately matched and allocated the correct Job Code, even those seemingly unique positions.

Data Input

  • Having allocated a Job Code to each role, the anonymised data for all your teaching and support staff is input onto the PiE platform using either our simple, easy to use dashboards, or our data upload facility.
  • Most of the information we need is held on your HR systems and will be easy to find, such as payroll number, job title, salary, TLR’s and other allowances.
  • Once your salary and allowance data is submitted, the PiE team work with you to check and validate it and the choice of Job Code is once again checked. 
  • We pride ourselves in the quality and robustness of our data which we can only achieve by spending time helping you submit your information. 
  • This hands-on attention to detail and the bespoke application to the education sector sets PiE apart from other generic benchmarking offerings.

Analytics, Reporting and Advice

  • Once the school or trust salary and allowance data for teaching and support staff has been uploaded and validated, access is provided to the powerful PiE reporting facility. 
  • The report facility ensures responsible benchmarking by providing contextual anonymised base salary information, together with TLRs, bonuses and allowances. 
  • Depending on the subscription level and the data filters available, salaries can be benchmarked based on role, school phase, number of pupils, region etc. choosing from several report options – a) whole market report, b) specific job code report or c) a report which compares an individual with the market.
  • You can extract up to date information all year round, enabling informed and reliable decisions to be made whether it be where to pitch a salary for a recruitment campaign or to help inform your pay review decisions. 
  • The reports can easily be viewed online.  
  • Depending on your subscription level, consultancy advice and HR support can be provided on pay related matters, organisation structures and how to use the data. We are very happy to assist in any way we can, and we are only a phone call or email away. 

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