About Us - Meet the Team

The PiE team are specialists in salary benchmarking, governance, and the recruitment and retention of Teaching and Support staff. They gained their expertise and understanding over many years of working with the Education sector and they are passionate about providing the right solution to help manage school pay budgets effectively and the positive impact this can have.

Sharon O’Ryan, Claire Cleverley and Nina Boden know the importance of salary benchmarking as a tool for governors, headteachers and school business managers, to help them manage the pay and recruitment budgets within schools. 

Sharon O'Ryan

Sharon is the founder of PiE - she is a seasoned HR professional and a Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development with considerable experience in HR, salary benchmarking and school governance.

She is a reward and salary benchmarking specialist and in 2005 Sharon played a key role in establishing the Maritime HR Association, the most comprehensive and reliable worldwide salary benchmarking forum for shore-based positions in the shipping industry. Today it compares over 130 roles in 120 countries. Sharon has also been a School Governor for 18 years in both primary and secondary education and is currently the Chair of Governors of a large, secondary grammar school.

Sharon explains.

"During a governor's meeting some 18 months ago, I was grappling with how best to achieve a fair and thorough review of our Headteacher's pay and reflected on how the tools I had previously created in the Maritime sector would be the perfect answer. I recognised the value and professionalism that independent salary benchmarking would bring not only to teacher salary reviews but also broader pay and budget related discussions we often had around the governing body table".

"As more and more schools move away from using the national pay framework, there is less transparency of the salaries being paid. At that point I decided put my 18 years' experience of School Governance and 35 years as an HR professional with specific expertise in this field to good use and hence PiE, Pay in Education was born; a venture to provide an independent third-party solution to salary benchmarking designed specifically for the education sector".

"Working with schools to create the PiE online platform has been really enjoyable and very rewarding to know we are providing an affordable, robust benchmarking tool to help inform decisions around pay and recruitment and manage pay transparently in line with ESFA and NGA guidelines".

Claire Cleverley

Claire is an education and training specialist with expertise in research, creating system documentation and delivering client training worldwide in the financial services and education sectors.

Claire has worked in primary and secondary education in a variety of support roles. She has worked with a number of schools and MAT's to produce the job matching framework which sits at the heart of the PiE on-line platform and helps to ensure that job matching is completed accurately.

Claire writes...

"Working with Sharon to make great things happen with Pay in Education has been an amazing journey; the end result is a versatile, intuitive, interactive on-line tool to assist school business managers, headteachers, governors and those responsible for managing pay and allowances in the education sector. My main focus is to provide support using the platform to ensure you get the best possible outcome when making decisions about how to spend your salary and recruitment budgets".

"I've worked in primary and secondary education and seen a range of staffing and salary structures in operation and have been able to consider that in the framework we have built. My working life has always included training people and I enjoy providing help and support to ensure people get the best from the PiE platform; your satisfaction is really important to me."

"Working with Sharon tops my list of favourite projects. I've known Sharon for many years through work so when Sharon contacted me with her vision for Pay in Education and offered me the amazing opportunity to work with her, I was thrilled. The timing in my career was perfect and I jumped at the chance. I've loved every minute and count myself lucky that I love what I do so I am always the smiley one in the office, especially when drinking coffee!"

Nina Boden

Completing the PiE team is Nina, a highly experienced teacher and senior leadership team member. She is an enthusiastic, and highly creative teacher, having had subject leader responsibility for Maths, English and Science at various stages of her 14-year teaching career.

Nina consistently delivers outstanding results and demonstrates significant progress in pupil achievement across the curriculum, throughout the primary years. Her responsibilities have included recruiting and engaging teaching and support staff alongside budget management responsibility; this hands-on experience made Nina the perfect choice to act as the education advisor to the PiE team.

Nina explains...

"In addition to delivering outstanding education for their pupils, headteachers and their leadership teams have a constant challenge to seek efficiencies in an environment where budgets are already very tight. With staff costs being such a large percentage of our budget, I was intrigued to hear about the benchmarking platform the PiE team were developing to help headteachers make informed decisions around pay"

"The research and thought behind the design of the PiE platform enables school leaders to confidently decide where to pitch salaries when recruiting and understand how to manage pay progression during salary reviews. Since the abolition of automatic increments, I see the importance of managing the consistent application of performance related salary increases. PiE provides the insight to help ensure that consistency"

"Sharing my experience of teaching and support staff structures and roles with the PiE team has enabled them to test the job matching framework to ensure it is robust, relevant to education and flexible, providing a professional way to benchmark salaries and provide transparency at a time when salary practice across the sector is becoming more diverse."

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