Why do I need PiE?

Is your school or trust doing all it can to minimise unnecessary spending on recruitment? Are you maximising the benefit of pay reviews? With an ever-decreasing salary budget and a large proportion of your limited funds spent on salaries, it is crucial your pay budget is spent wisely - PiE data helps you make informed reward decisions maximising the value from your salary spend.

To ensure your pay budget is spent wisely - PiE data helps you make informed decisions about pay and allowances so you can maximise the value from your salary spend when recruiting and during pay reviews.

To help you retain talent – Pay is just one of the factors people consider when deciding whether to leave an organisation or stay - PiE data helps you avoid pay being the prime reason employees choose to leave.

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To reduce your spend on recruitment - If salaries are pitched incorrectly in your job adverts, you won’t attract the right candidates, and the time and money spent on advertising is wasted. PiE data allows you to quickly spot check salaries and allowances being paid in your area, or in comparable schools and trusts, so you can decide to advertise at a level which has the greatest chance of attracting the best candidates.


To eliminate misguided benchmarking methods - Using PiE eliminates decisions based on unreliable information gained ‘through the grapevine’ or a crude search through job adverts using just a job title or using free reports which typically only provide national data and lack contextual information relating to the size or type of school or trust. These are risky and irresponsible ways to benchmark salaries and the results will undoubtedly be very misleading and open to challenge.


To help you comply with ESFA financial regulations and DfE and NGA guidelines – PiE data ensures the way you set executive pay is visible, and transparent as required by ESFA financial regulations and uses robust responsible benchmarking as recommended by the NGA. See Pippa Allen-Kinross's article in Schools Week 25th January 2019 https://schoolsweek.co.uk/make-ministers-sign-off-top-academy-ceo-pay-say-governors/

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